JavaScript developers and front-end experts for your project

We are a team of high-class developers specialized in building web applications

What do we do?

Javascript development

The heart of our development toolset are modern MV* frameworks and libraries, enabling us to deliver efficient, maintainable and extensible products. We build corporate systems based on complex business processes, financial platforms, real-time medical systems, Machine to Machine applications and simple CRUD applications.

Front-end development

We are committed to building user-friendly apps that are responsive and designed to perfection. We use modern HTML5 and CSS3 to make our apps attractive and dynamic. We support UX teams by building prototypes and asking the right questions to have a clear understanding of user and project requirements.

How do we work?

Developer in your team

With the knowledge of the market and project experience in a variety of industries, we choose experts to meet your project's requirements. We provide qualified consultants ready to be integrated into your team just like an in-house employee.

Team Outsourcing

We are ready to build effective specialist teams fitting your organization's needs.
The InFront team leader coordinates the entire team, focusing on quality assurance and meeting deadlines.

Location / Nearshoring

For local projects, we work directly at your office, along with other project team members.
For international projects, we work remotely from the Warsaw InFront office with part-time on-site work at your company.

Why us?

Experienced Consultants

  • we are experienced in building advanced corporate systems and challenging, innovative products
  • we are well-versed in various project management and collaboration tools
  • the average experience of our developers is 5 years

Complex Projects

in our portfolio you can find:
  • financial platforms
  • real-time medical application
  • highly secure banking systems
  • big data analytics platforms
  • enterprise critical systems
  • M2M applications

Skills Development

  • we organize internal training courses and workshops
  • we take part in meetings of the frontend community as participants and speakers
  • we build and share reusable frontend components, libraries, rules and style guides
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